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The Pet Stick is the latest and greatest edition to Intracell Technologies out of RPI of Atlanta.  Visit the menu item on the left for more details.




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"The Stick" is Amazing!
Written by Ken Zelez   


The New Hybrid Stick

"The Stick" is a  self- massage device designed to give your muscles all the benefits that you would get from visiting a massage therapist or physiotherapist.  The Stick can be used like a "Toothbrush" for your muscles.  By using The Stick on a daily basis (like brushing your teeth), you will achieve a higher level of fitness and overall well-being. By rolling over your muscles, your circulation will increase and breakdown trigger points (muscle knots). The Stick has been used for Self-Myofascial Release for over 19 years.

Original Body Stick

Increases Flexibilty

Increases Endurance

Reduces Muscle Soreness

Accelerates Recovery Times

Increses Circulation of Blood

Warms-up Muscles for Activity

Cools-Down Muscles After Activity

Indentifies Possible Soft-Tissue Injuries

Helps to Rehabilitate Soft-Tissue Injuries

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Before starting any sort of exercise/treatment regime, you should always consult a health care professional.

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